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Karin Campagna July 2022 on-going

The invasion of Ukraine shamefully exposed gaps in my knowledge. Joining Frome artists in empathetic support of Ukrainian artists, continues to inspire shared verbal and visual conversations AND sustained learning from one another.

Barry Cooper July 2022 on-going

I have been a professional artist, painter/sculptor for 50 years. My work has often implied a strong ethical content especially since the late 1980s.

Tonia Gunstone July 2022 on-going

An influx of Ukrainian children into my art room in September last year brought home the feeling of disconnect and displacement these children are experiencing.  Their amazing resilience inspired me to join this group, to offer solidarity, support and a desire to understand the realities of living in war.

Anna Kovalevska  July 2022 – March 2023

Lorna Thomas July 2022 on-going

Several years ago I volunteered in French refugee camps.  The impact of war on fellow humans is beyond words. Artists in Dialogue helps me try to find these words and listen to those of the war victims of Ukraine. 

Pam Warner July 2022 on-going

My immediate response to the war in Ukraine was one of wanting to help in some small way. Being part of this unique project offers that heartfelt opportunity. It offers support and allows a unique and personal insight into how the war affects Ukrainian artists.

Volodymyr and Tetiana Bakhtov July 2022 on-going

Today the archetypal formulas of ancient myths remain as relevant as ever MEN-HEROES-GODS. After all, the mass-scale personal sacrifice, the sheer burning will that overcomes the impossible and lets the inner hero free -projecting common people to immortality as MEN-GODS. This is Ukraine these days.

Galyna Daniliuk July 2022 on-going

Before the war I lived by the sea in Odessa which became a dangerous place where I felt totally unprotected from missiles and war. When I left home, I took one bag, it contained important things including my tango shoes; they are my love. When your world is destroyed, you stand on the ashes, then suddenly you notice that life goes on, and that something inside you supports you.  I lived in Bratislava, Slovakia for over a year and now I am in Norway.

Svetlana Poluyanova (Svetlana Poluyanovava) July 2022 on-going

I am an artist from the south of Ukraine, since the full-scale invasion, I live and work in Kyiv. I position myself as an impressionist and graphic artist in free style. I am given strength by the personal heroic stories of my compatriots. Despite the tragedy of what is happening, I have not taken on the role of a victim. I want my voice to carry light, strength and confidence in the victory of the good through my work.

Tetiana Kovalenko July 2022 on-going

I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine, before the war, I worked on the project “The Way to Self” – these are stories of women, about their self-identification, about finding balance within themselves and options for interaction with the environment. Every time something changes, it leaves a mark in my soul and in my paintings.  Now I continue to research women’s destinies, looking at what women are currently facing and who carries pain within themselves due to war, loss, grief, violence.

Lolita Sanamyan July 2022 on-going

I now live in Austria with members of my family. The war came as a profound shock and continues to disturb me. Before the war my paintings focussed on familiar landscapes and street scenes in a post-impressionism style over the past year I have painted my personal responses to the devastating attacks on my homeland.

Vladimir Voropai July 2022 ongoing

The tragic events in Ukraine forced me to leave my hometown which had become the front line, my family and I are in Knitterfeld, Austria. I had three personal exhibitions,  “Echo of Love” in Severodonetsk, “Metamorphosis” in Ochakiv and “Awakening” was in 2022 in Mykolayiv. The last exhibition was disrupted by the outbreak of hostilities. All the paintings from this exhibition were taken out under shelling at my own risk.

Oleksandr Vynnyk July 2022 on-going

My childhood was paradise, Ukrainian language like a nightingale’s song, clean air and quiet blue sky.  Life was magnificent until February 2022, when Russian military attacked Ukraine, destroying the most beautiful things. It is very dangerous in Ukraine, my wife and son had to flee to a different country to save their lives. Ukrainian defenders are fighting for our land.